Gong Baths
The gong is an ancient instrument which has been used in many cultures for healing and religious ceremonies. The sound it produces is unique and many layered, producing a huge range of sounds, tones & overtones. It has a profound effect sending vibrations into the physical body and can bring about a feeling of deep relaxation. It literally bathes you with waves of pure sound!
Gong Bath by Diane StewartA Gong Bath can be either an individual treatment or group experience.

Individual Gong Bath
The gong is placed at the end of the therapy couch, at the feet of the client, so that the sound waves can travel up the body. Usually an hour long, it can be combined with other forms of sound (voice or Tibetan bowls), or a short session can be given at the end of a Reflexology treatment to further enhance the treatment.

Group Gong Baths
The session will start off with sounds of either tuning forks,Tibetan bowls/ cymbals, or other instruments,which gently lead into the sounds of the gong. The gong is a 32" Paiste Symphonic gong which gives a full, rich and many layered sound, with the harmonies building and forming waves of sound. Most people experience this by lying on the floor, but some do sit on a chair, whichever is the most comfortable, to enable the waves of sound to wash over and literally "bathe" the body .

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